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Target population



Eligibility requirements for applying


Requirements for admissions/




Teaching employment required for enrollment



Ability to continue current job during program



Tuition for Foundational Courses


Tuition for Credential



Financial Aid & Scholarships


Salary/Living Stipend


Length of Program


Credential Classes


Program Support




Program Design




Credentialing Agency


Employment post graduation




Master’s Degree (Optional)



Step in salary after

ONE year


Clearing Preliminary Credential through an Induction Program

Undergraduate or higher degree holders



Information meeting participation, Degree, CBEST, CSET (50%), and 2.75 GPA(last 60 units)


Degree, CBEST, COC, CSET (100%), TB, Interview, Writing Assessment, 

Recommendations, and Pre-service Courses









YES (part-time)







$8,340 (one year)




Automatic eligibility for financial aid through CSUB (up-to $14,000)


$35,000 (living stipend) 

$7,000 (supplemental income)



12 months


ONE full day per week 



THREE full days per week Clinical &

Co-Teaching with an active cooperating teacher (900 hours of clinical practice)

Employee of school district;

THREE days of clinical co-teaching experience;

ONE day of classes;

ONE day of additional implementation


California State University, Bakersfield



Partner School Districts are committed to hire by the end of program


Opportunity to earn a Master’s Degree through CSUB after preliminary single subject credential program 

($7,740 tuition and only 5 

additional courses needed). 


Appropriate placement for prelim 

credential (check with employing

school district)



Early Option Completion (EOC) 

in ONE year

Undergraduate or higher degree holders



Degree, CBEST, COC, CSET, and

Pre-service & Credential Courses,

and Employment




Degree, CBEST, COC, CSET, and 

Pre-service Courses, and Employment

















$8,900 ($4,450 per year)






(varies depending on districts)



24 months


Twice per week in the evenings 


Two visits per month (two hours each) from a retired educator acting as a practicum supervisor (600 hours of clinical practice)


Teacher of record;

Teach during the day;

Attend classes twice per week in the evenings 



School District, County Office or University












Appropriate placement for intern 

credential (check with employing

school district)



Normally two years but Early Option Completion (EOC) is available upon recommendation

High School, Community College, and University students


Follow traditional teacher preparation program eligibility requirements (varies for a CSU, UC and Private)  




CBEST, COC, CSET, Pre-service & 

Credential Courses









YES (part-time)





Varies for CSU, UC and Private




(depending on program)


Automatic eligibility for financial aid and ability to apply for scholarships


N/A (MUST complete unpaid full student teaching in order to complete program)


24 months



During the day and/or evenings



Varies per program

(check with credentialing agency)


Full-time student;

Attend classes during the day and/or evenings;

Complete student teaching semester 



CSU, UC or Private



MUST find on your own


Verify with credentialing agency to find out options for earning a Master’s Degree after completing a single subject teaching credential



Appropriate placement for 

prelim credential




Normally two years but Early Option Completion (EOC) is available upon recommendation




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